High performance – attractive price: quad core technology for IPC and lift truck terminals

SOREDI touch systems GmbH, technology leader for IPC with multitouch operation extends its processor offers for the model range SH and SH Blackline. From now customers can order the industrial PCs and lift truck terminals with the Intel Atom-Processor E3845. The model of the embedded line including ceramic capacitors and low power consumption of 7 Watt is ideal for a mobile use in rough industrial operation areas. Thanks to the Intel Quad-Core Technology SOREDI can offer high processing power to an attractive price.

The industrial computer and lift truck terminals of model range SH and SH Blackline are deployed mobile or stationary in many industry areas, where fast service processes, robust build and high availability in the network is important. The basic configuration of IPC include an AMD DualCore processor with 2 GB DDR 3 RAM. For higher demands SOREDI offers the Quad-Core Processor E3845 of Intel Atom line, which delivers with 4 x 1,91 GHz definitely higher processing power. The energy-saving operation with only 7 Watt power consumption corresponds to the fan-less architecture and favours the mobile use as well as the constant mounting of ceramic capacitors, which stands the highest strains in rough environments. The amply dimensioned level 2 cache with 2 MB is addressed by 4 processor chains. A new Intel high definition graphic unit increases the visual experience. SOREDI joins performance diversity with a very attractive price.

If you need a display of 3d data or videos for optical positioning systems choose the Intel CORE i7 processors. They connect highest performance in fan-less architecture with perfect graphical display. With two cores and four threads reaches 1,7 GHz frequency as well as a maximum turbo frequency of 2.8 GHz.

With this comprehensive offer of modern processor technology for every display size from 10 to 21 inch (COREi7 from 12 inch) SOREDI gives numerous configuration possibilities, which allow special solutions for your field of activity.

The Microsoft operation system Windows 7 or Windows Embedded Standard 7 are supported in 32- und 64-bit versions. Also Windows 8, Android or Linux can be chosen.

Windows benchmarking CPU units

AMD® DualCore: 2,8*
Intel® QuadCore: 4,8*
Intel® CORE i7: 5,7*

*This is an overall assessment, which results from the lowest part assessment.