New display technology: 4th generation multi-touch terminals

SOREDI touch systems GmbH, technology leader for IPC with multi-touch operation directly fits its forklift terminals SH Series Blackline with multi-touch displays of the 4th generation. The displays, which had been previously part of the range combines gloved gesture control together with the protection of bullet-proof glass and counts for highest performance in technological development. Now SOREDI is going one better: non-reflecting bullet-proof glass ensures better visibility conditions. The multi-touch unit is directly fused which unfolds shatterproof glass properties with higher stability and safety protecting against glass fragments.

The industry computer and forklift terminals of SH Blackline range in sizes 10 to 21 inch are first choice, when robustness, reliability in stationary as well as mobile operation and longevity is required.The Quad core processor E3845 in the Intel Atom range combines highest processing power in fan-less architecture with perfect graphic display. Dust and Water splashes, vibration resistance and low temperature usage allow for a wide range of application area in industry and logistics. The special highlight of this industry PC is in the display architecture: the capacitive touch-panel is now fused with bullet-proof glass. The manufactured unit has become more stable because of its safety-glass properties and prevents the glass from breaking when external force is used. In many application areas this is part of the most important requirements for the protection of employees. With its new anti-reflective treatment SOREDI avoids distracting reflections by the use of bright ambient light. In the multi-touch units readability and user friendliness are increased.

For mobile use, special power devices and a comfortable on-off automatic is available, which makes the start and shut-down of the devices unnecessary. The parallel integration of WIFI and Bluetooth modules increases a higher flexibility. The integrated dual-aerial for 2,4 and 5 GHz is installed parallel – a staggered aerial arrangement increases the range and improves the radio network reception.

The Microsoft operating systems Windows 7 or Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows Embedded Premium 7 are available.

Interfaces for various peripheral and input devices and an integrated freely configurable keyboard are available for the individual configuration. There is also a range of accessories for fixation and operation depending on purpose of use.