SOREDI touch systems. Progress through experience

SOREDI touch systems GmbH in Olching near Munich is a global technology leader for industrial computer and forklift terminals and has extended its product range recently with modular, mobile devices in 10″ and 12″ multitouch displays. These can be used as handhelds or tablets. Since 1.7.2017 the company is part of the Datalogic Group.

Our Mission

The development, production and distribution of our innovative, rugged, modular, mobile touch-systems.

Our Claim

Meeting the requirements of our users to 100% and guarantee our customers a smooth, continuous efficient operation with our products even in the most demanding environments.

As specialists for the development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of modular mobile touch systems we have over 25 years of experience. The modular product range is ideal for the stationary and mobile use in rugged environments which is configured for duty in logistic, food and process industry. Lean construction in product development and manufacturing ensures the assignment of the latest technologies, which fulfill highest demands. This way user can achieve a higher efficiency and speed with cost-effectiveness, reliability and longevity of complete solutions.