Our Software. A true gain!

Besides the usual system software we offer our own software, which extends the functionality of our IPC with custom-build options.

Logo Windows 10 IoT

Windows 10 IoT

Our IPC is available with Windows 10 IoT. Matching drivers for Ethernet,touch features and wifi are included.

Logo of Windows 7

Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Embedded

Our IPC is available with Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Embedded. Matching drivers for Ethernet,touch features and wifi are included. The module set-up of Windows embedded allows us to perfectly adapt the software to the hardware and to configure the gesture control.

Logo of Linux


For Linux fans we provide suitable basic images, which can be developed further for the use in a manufacturing environment.

Logo von Android


Available on request.

Shows SOREDI Software Wedge

SOREDI Software Wedge

SOREDI Software Wedge facilitates the connection of scanner or RFID devices via serial interfaces. The freely configurable software saves the collected data for further use in the keyboard buffer.

Shows SOREDI Softkeyboard

SOREDI Softkeyboard

SOREDI Softkeyboard is easily operated via touchscreen and can create numeric or alphanumeric characters. The size of the keyboard and the various fonts can be programmed variably. You can also choose a transparent design.

Shows SOREDI Event Manager alert

SOREDI Event Manager

Der SOREDI Event Manager controls and keeps a protocol of all activities. It registers violation of risks and gives out warnings when necessary. Messages are saved in a log file and can be analysed with special tools.

Shows SOREDI SNMP Output software


This program will inform you of the current state of all terminals in the network. Differences to standard levels and pre-defined parameters are shown. The proactive notice of status via smart phones is available.

Shows SOREDI UtilConfig software

SOREDI UtilConfig

The SOREDI Service Tool will give full control on the basic functions of your IPC. On and Turn-on and –off behavior can be defined freely. The turn-off automatic is connected to the ignition signal and the intensity of the display can be managed comfortably. Special functions can be programmed easily.

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