Mobility with 100% RF coverage

The SOREDI forklift terminals have an exceedingly powerful Wifi aerials and provide for stabile reception in challenging conditions.

Shows Wifi aerialIn industrial buildings there exist many disturbance sources, which impede the diffusion of radio signals. Engines and shelving block signals, insufficient radio frequency site survey hinders the information exchange between devices. The antennas of our IPC’s are designed to allow for stabile reception, even in radio-unfavorable areas of use. Data exchange between enterprise resource planning systems and conveyor vehicle is therefore safeguarded. The communication between forklift controls and forklift works smoothly.

Sophisticated antenna technology

Dual antenna with 2,4 and 5 GHz tilted by 40 degrees reduce the ramifications of interferences. Interlaced antennas and staggered arrangement increase the range and improve network reception. The parallel integrated WIFI and Bluetooth modules offer greater flexibility. Offset antennas for the roof of the vehicle or rod aerial are available and can be combined with IPC’s. Wi-Fi direct and special drivers with roaming optimization extend the functionality of the devices.