High computing power without fan

Modern multi-core processors and an ingenious cooling technology achieve peak performance without fans.

Shows work on mainboard Sophisticated applications require sufficient processing technology – with tendency to rise in future. This is why SOREDI starts using high power processors from i5 (5350U) series. Fast and precise graphic display, interference-free video display for positioning systems and high processing systems for extensive enterprise resource planning and logistic systems provide for a long-term use and content user. SOREDI has developed a cooling system, which allows the heat to be diverted to the casing. An integrated temperature sensor protects safely from overheating. Despite a compact built the IPC’s satisfy any industrial application scenario.

Green Power

We pay attention to energy-efficient technologies. Thereby we make mobile operation of the devices easier and can avoid ecological damage. Energy-saving LED displays with backlight reduction and power cables with high effectiveness care for a low consumption of the overall performance of 12 to 19 watt. The emphasis on environmental-friendly materials is an integral part of our company philosophy: all our implemented parts and modules are certified to RoHS standard. Top Efficiency, power of endurance in mobile use and environmental capability are not ruled out at SOREDI.