Ease of use and stability

4th generation multi-touch displays combine the complete gesture control when using gloves with highest protection against breakage, scratches and abrasion.

Shows using of display by gloved gesture control The previously deployed displays combine gloved gesture control with the protection through hardened-glass and are considered as highest achievement of technological development. But now SOREDI introduces two innovations: non-reflecting hardened glass helps better visibility. Amalgamated with the multi-touch unit creates higher stability and protection against splitters, just like shatterproof glass.

Here high-quality projective-capacitated touch panels are fused with 4mm strong safety glass. A special non-reflecting method eliminates interference by reflecting ambient light and improves the legibility. The sensitive touch-display is protected behind – problems because of scratches, abrasion or “blind spots” are past.

Gesture control with gloves

The known gesture control in mobile devices brings ease of use in industrial applications. Because of a special software the sensitivity of the SOREDI multi-touch panels can be managed continuously. This way a safe precise operation whilst wearing working gloves is feasible. The 4th generation touch technology sets new benchmarks in safety and ease-of-use.